Llandovery 2019


Dear Arlette,

Hope to find you and your family well, resting after a hectic Llandovery time.

Just would like to thank you for having Anna with you and for organizing such amazing summer camp. Anna feels always very comfortable with the ambience, with the teachers and with the students. She absolutely loves all the classes and if the day could be longer she would like to add more and more activities….as you well know…

I’m very pleased that this year you were able to organize the Spanish classes as well since Anna really needed a push on her Spanish. I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it for the final concert, Llandovery it’s difficult to reach while I’m working. I would really appreciate if you could thank all the teachers and people that took such good care of her. I’m sure she will keep in touch with her friends during winter time, they are planning to go to University together…. let’s see what the future will bring.

Anyway will keep you posted. I wish you and your family a very relaxing summer time.

Warm Regards


Dear Arlette,

Paul got many positive feedback after I send the link to our family and friends group, and it made Paul wants to keep the video and he is afraid it will be disappeared someday, he said I only know I was enjoying while playing but don’t remember how many mistakes until I saw the record, he said it was the best he can do for that moment, he is happy for it.

Thanks for the recording and please pass our thankful words to Boris Bizjak since I don’t have his contact info. You are always hiring right person to do right thing I must say  I

t’s a good timing Paul coming this year so he can have chance to work with the grown up students since there is only one camp this year.

Wish you are enjoying the rest of the summer!

Echo Chen USA

Dear Arlette,

We are finally back in New York after a wonderful summer.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed Wales and the lessons with Alexander Trostiansky were both rigorous and inspiring.

He gave both C. and L. an excellent head start in preparation of repertoire they were assigned to prepare for their upcoming juries at school in New York, an important focus for our 3 children in attending LMFL. I noticed a polish and focus in their playing that was a direct result of their lessons with him.

 Lana Trotovsek really inspired both L. and C.  with her distinctive and fresh, musical energy.

She helped them access the joy and improvisatory freedom in the Vivaldi, and having the opportunity to perform it with the string orchestra was invaluable.

French lessons with Dawn were fantastic, she gave them real confidence and a feeling of excitement about speaking French.

If only there was more opportunity to do so more during the school year…. the French Alive was a great addition to the course, the kids still sing those songs all the time!

William Godfree is well, what can I  say….words fail me, he stands alone, the One and Only. Simply, The Best!

I would love to sign our 3 kids up this minute for next summer in both Wales and Florence, to do every singing and playing classes going.

I assure you that as soon as I can, you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, thank you again for a wonderful course, truly a highlight of the summer.

Wishing you and yours health and happiness in the months ahead.

Siona and family, New-York

 Llandovery & Firenze 2018

Dear Arlette,

We had a wonderful experience at Llandovery. The children were stimulated on every level and made some dear friends. It was reaffirming to meet so many fantastic young people, your grandchildren included!

I personally enjoyed every aspect of the course and was delighted to have a chance to participate in some quality music making.

Please extend a special thanks to Alan who sparked a passion for French in each of our kids, Dawn for her intuitive and practical capability, and to you for your inclusivity, and generous authority.

Dawn for her intuitive and practical capability, and to you for your inclusivity, and generous authority.

I will be in touch as we would very much like to come next year.

When you get a chance, could I ask you for Lana’s email address, Ciana wishes to reach out to her.

Thank you again for everything and we wish you and yours, safe travels for the rest of the summer.

All the very best, Síona and her children Orla, Ciona & Liam (New York)

Bonsoir Arlette.

Quelques mots pour vous confier notre bonheur, à toutes trois, d’avoir participé au stage de Llandovery.

Nous nous étions présentées à l’accueil le matin de notre départ afin de vous remercier et vous embrasser mais n’avons su vous trouver…

Un grand merci pour ces beaux moments de partage musical

Vive la musique ! Vive LMFL !

Pensées également à Alan, Dawn, Ashley, Adash, Mathis, Alicia.

Au plaisir de vous retrouver,

Très sincèrement, Béatrice for Cylène and Cassilia (Monaco)

Llandovery & Firenze 2017


Dear Arlette,
I guess all the summer camps are finished now and you could have some rest as well.

I would like to thank you again for Anna and Sara that are still talking about the great time they had in Llandovery.

Anna  really enjoyed Jean-Luc and Alexander ‘s  classes and would like to keep in contact with them.

Thank you in advance.


Dear Arlette,

I want to thank you for the great experience Alessandro has done.

He has found good friends, good music and good people.

He already asked me to go back next year.

So what I can say, thanks, thanks, you really give the opportunity to live in music!

Stefania Massoto

Dear Arlette,

Thank you so very, very much for the two weeks in Firenze/Rovezzano.

Lina has ever since the course been praising the two weeks; the arrangements, the atmosphere, new friends, and, most importantly, your way of making her feel so very welcome and “among family” during the entire two weeks.

She has already started talking about us making plans for next summer J

Is it already decided where the LFML summer course will take place next summer?

Or is Firenze/Rovezzano   the normal location for the summer courses?

We are really sorry that we did not have the opportunity to thank you in person after the concert.

My brother suddenly became very dizzy and felt sick during dinner break so instead we had to take him back to the apartment in Gavinana very quickly. Most probably, the heat and too little to drink became too much for him.

Once again, thank you so much for bringing Lina an experience for life J

Best regards,

Maria Cavanna

Dear Arlette,

I hope this note finds you and Alan rested and in good health.   

I just wanted to let you know how impressed both my husband I I were with the whole Llandovery music experience for Alexander, and us!  Alexander only mentions one thing, incessantly, to go back next year!

The group of teachers and students was certainly impressive along with the unique atmosphere of hard work coupled with genuine camaraderie.  « Chapeau » to the team of amazing teachers who guides and encourages   these students to explore their talents and achieve such heights.

You and Alan have certainly created a very special place you can be extremely proud of and we are grateful to have discovered it….thank you Dawn!

I look forward to staying in touch and organising next year for Alexander.

Kind regards to you both,

Gabrielle Allix

Llandovery & Firenze 2016

Dear Arlette,

You and your family have created a wonderful learning environment through LMFL.Traveling from Australia, LMFL offers our daughter, Cedar (12), a great opportunity to immerse herself in music making with students and teachers from diverse backgrounds.

LMFL has developed Cedar’s confidence and drive to become a musician and given her more of an understanding of what it means to be a musician.  The encouragement,  support and advice that has been given to her both at the course and outside of the course from from violin Professors Jean-Luc Borsarello, David Russell and Albert Markov has been exceptional.

A reason for choosing LMFL was the unique opportunity to work daily with speciality teachers (violin and piano) and the option to explore areas of music that Cedar does not usually engage in, such as a conducting.  Cedar continues to be inspired long after the course completes each year, not only by the teachers she works with directly, but by all the Faculty members. We thank them all, but particularly Katia Nemirovich-Dantchenko (accompanying and piano), Rustem Kudoyarov (piano), Matthias Dulack (conducting), Richard Crabtree (String Orchestra) and of course William Godfree (…..even though she tries to skip choir).

Cedar is again looking forward to the beautiful natural environment of Llandovery in 2017, she says ‘working hard becomes more fun’ at LMFL.   What she really enjoys, is that the learning environment is one based on forming friendships, supporting each other and making music together rather than competition.  

An atmosphere, I believe, is facilitated through the:

  • Diversity ages and ability of students you welcome to LMFL,
  • Breadth of subjects available across both Jazz and Classical genres,
  • Emphasis on sharing of music through performance
  • Amazing attitude of the teaching Faculty; and
  • Friendly and flexible attitude of support staff.

Cedar is fortunate to have become part of the extended musical family, you and your teaching Faculty create each year, at your courses in the UK and on the continent. Felicity Woodhill

Thanks for the videos – and thank you also for the course – very nice to go back some weeks in time and recall what all was done. It was an exhausting but excellent period – Ben really liked it very much (as well as his Mom and Dad). Also we believed he developed his general sense of music very well.

As a matter of fact we now plan to come back next summer and will try to make the enrolment soon.

Thanks and best wishes, Ben ( composer, pianist) Pum – Bill Thailand

Dear Arlette,

I don’t know how you manage to cope with all the stress and disorder during these two months.

I imagined my wife doing the same and I think that she would go nuts in a couple of days.

Please keep Artemiy in mind for the next year UK course. He is very keen to go.

And from the parents’ prospective we are not only happy that he spent three weeks with superb music teachers in international environment but also that he learned to be stand alone and self-organizing.

We’ll be in touch.

Regards, Gennady, Moscow

Bonjour Arlette

On espère que tu vas bien

Un grand merci pour ce stage de Florence

Les plus merveilleux concerts et auditions de LMFL pour ma part !

Hier était magique!

On te souhaite un repos bien mérité et un retour en toute sérénité vers la France et l’Angleterre.

On vous embrasse bien fort toi et Alan


For Erell violin, classical and jazz vocal Helene, Erell, Cambridge UK. Gaël et Philippe depuis la Chine

I also would like to give my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to attend the LMFL course in Firenze. It was an honour to study with such wonderful teachers, as well as gain valuable experience.

The chance to meet so many other gifted people from across the globe, and work with them; was a great experience. Again, thank you and I hope to go back next year! Craig Walstead , USA Composer

Dear Arlette,

Many thanks.

It was a pleasure to meet you & Alan in Florence.

It was also a wonderful experience for Grace to be part of this course.

The knowledge & tuition she received from Maestro Leonardo & Simonida was most valuable.

The friendships Grace formed with the other students was of great delight & inspiration to her.

Cat & I thank you for helping us to give Grace this opportunity.

We look forward to your courses in 2017.

Are you able to advise us of the dates & locations for these courses.

Also, can you send me Leonardo’s email address as we are eagerly awaiting the program that he is preparing for Grace.

Kind regards

  Phil & Cat. Australian from Vietnam

Thank you very much Daniela Pisano and Arlette H-M

it has been a beautiful experience for Carolina Peserico: she improved a lot playing the flute and also her English as she met new friends from all over the world!

She has already asked me to go back next year… Stefania Moschetti

Previous Courses

Llandovery 2015

Dear Arlette,

I do not know what to say about the whole experience for Theo except that he for sure wants to be back next year.
He would like to spend as much time as he could with Richard.

I thank you so much for everything and we look forward to next year surely

  Tracy Mignati

Dear Arlette, After his course with LMFL, Vishwa has been featured in one of the most reputed city magazine.   Vishwa-magazine Vishal


Dear Arlette

Now I want to say thank you to you and all the LMFL organization for the experience of the last summer. Emanuele had a deep and great experience in the course from many point of views: music, students, teachers, organization and the green and rainy UK as well . This is why he’s joining your team again this year, and this is why he’s going to participate to more courses. Francesca

Emanuele's Mother

Dear Arlette,

Lenka came home absolutely amazed from the stay in Venice and the course you organized.

She met fantastic people there and certainly was very satisfied with Mr.Bellugi`s professional tutoring.
So, we parents would like to thank you for organizing courses like that.

Best regards, Andrea Molcanyiova

Hello Arlette,

.. the Venice course was beyond belief, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life! I cannot wait to go back to the course!

There is no way that I can express the full extent of my gratitude towards you and Alan for helping me out and giving me this opportunity, both me and my parents would like to express our most sincere gratitude and love towards my adoptive grandparents in Europe… Alonso J. Burgos

Dear Arlette,

First of all let me spend two words on Cecilia’s stay during these two weeks and a half. We are very happy that she has been so well with all you, her tutors and her actual roommates. She told us she would have stayed some more time and that she is very sad in leaving!

This is for us and I suppose for you too the best result of this music and language course.

We look forward to seeing her photos and video to live again with her this experience..)

Thank you so much again for your kindness and availability.

Our kind regards Antonello and Marina Costa

Llandovery 2015

Dear Arlette,

Couldn’t say thank you enough for giving Christie such a remarkable experience, I spoke to her last night after her LT exam, we don’t know the result yet, but that’s not the main issue, it is the entire process that you and your teachers put together, Christie is so lucky that she has all the extensive helps from Richard, William, Katia, Vira etc., of course without you everything would be impossible.

Christie really appreciates you giving her an opportunity of playing the entire program prior to her exam, it gives her a lot of confidence and she really enjoys the whole thing.

Please accept my sincere appreciation to you and all teachers that helped Christie during these 2 weeks, please extend my appreciation to them as well.

You are absolutely wonderful!
Warm regards Francis Yau

Hong Kong

Let me take this opportunity to say that Marta only has good words about the course and about her experience during those days.

It was her first international experience and I am sure that she will never forget it.

We were also amazed of her significant progress in just two weeks!.

Our congratulations for facilitating music students such a great team and warm climate. I hope we can repeat next year. Pilar


Dear Arlette,

I would like to thank you all the LMFL staff did in Llandovery for Ariadna. She was very happy and the experience was very positive

With best wishes, Alberto Posadas

Dear Arlette.

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent with all the staff of the master class in Venice.

Extremely useful professionally and amazingly pleasant in various other aspects. Roman has not only wonderfully worked, but he is also full of impressions, as to new friends, contacts, incredibly nice views offered by Venice..

A very special thanks for Alexander Trostiansky. This is a real gem nowadays.

All the very best for every member of the LMFL staff and for you personally.

Hope to see you again next summer. Olga Rechetkine

Dear Arlette

My wife, Justin and Christie arrived back home safe yesterday, and couldn’t say enough thank you for such a memorable experience for them and giving our kids an opportunity to advance their music skill, all of them had a wonderful time in Andorra, made a lot of new friends, enjoyed every moment of their stay, the only complaint from them is that 2 weeks is really too short.

Thank you once again for making this happen and hope to see you soon! Francis

Hong Kong

To all LMFL people, I just want to say that you Are awesome, I love you all. The last 3 4 weeks has been completely unreal, ‘completely gooourgeous’. I feel so blessed right now for all the memories and histories. Specially for the surprise in Cadeillan at midnight, thank you so much.

Dear Arlette
It has now dawned on us that our daughter Aurelia has actually been accepted by the Royal Northern College of Music and it is such a joy for us all.
A very big thank you for the support that all of you gave Aurelia during each of her LMFL courses where she had the opportunity to meet with outstanding and caring professors.

Thanks to Letizia Morelli who taught her singing, to her various flute teachers, and specially to Paul Goodey whose help has been paramount

With all our gratitude. Brigitte et Jean-Louis Marulaz

Valbonne 2015

Hi Arlette!
I have just arrived in Brazil but my heart remains in Valbonne – it was a tremendous experience.

I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I couldn’t find you on Friday to say this in person before I left, I am sorry.

All the classes really helped me and the teachers were incredible. Only high quality. Thanks for the opportunity! It was an amazing experience.

Have a safe journey tomorrow. And I am sure that the concert tonight will be marvellous!

I wish I could have stayed to watch the teachers and the students. But I got a glimpse of what it will be, so that is something. Thanks again for everything!

All the best, Lucila

San Paolo Brazil

L.M.F.L. is a musical experience any musician should go through, whether amateur or professional.

The experience of living amongst talented musicians nurtures the musical knowledge from all fronts, learning from many different approaches and genres of the musical world, it also encourages the healthy competition, pushing yourself to reach higher and higher.

L.M.F.L. strives for excellence in all fields, from the students to the teachers whose quality of the teachers is uncanny, not only are they all extraordinary performers, but they are pedagogically excellent, therefore experience in both musicality, technique and teaching come as one in each lesson.

As a student you are challenged in all fronts, from the personal front to the collective one, where not only must you play your instrument or compose with the best of your skills, but also manage to work as a team to accomplish excellence.

L.M.F.L es una experiencia por la cual todo músico, profesional o amateur, debería pasar. El vivir al rededor de otros músicos talentosos nutre el conocimiento musical desde todos los frentes, aprendiendo desde diferentes puntos de vista y géneros del mundo musical, también propicia la competencia sana, forzándote a alcanzar logros cada vez más grandes.

L.M.F.L apunta a la excelencia en todos los aspectos, desde los estudiantes hasta los maestros cilla calidad es sin precedentes, no sólo son ejecutantes extraordinarios pero también lo son pedagógicamente, por lo que la experiencia en musicalidad, técnica y enseñanza llegan como uno al estudiante en cada clase. Como estudiante eres desafiado desde todos lados, el personal y el colectivo donde no sólo debes tocar tu instrumento o componer con la mayor de tus habilidades sino también trabajar como equipo para alcanzar la excelencia.

  Alonso J Burgos

Pianist, Composer, Cellist & Tenor, Mexico

Dear Arlette

As an already professional viola player I cannot express how much I benefited from the Course in Cadeillan

High level of teaching combined with an exquisite daily life “the French way” Elena


Dear Arlette & Alan

Every year something new, always better quality, better atmosphere… and for the past two summer even so you warned us that Wales means rain every day, we were lucky enough to experiment incredibly sunny weather.

The teachers really care for their students, you care for the teachers, the students, the parents

I cannot wait for next year (Llandovery). Ana