LMFL Online Programme

You are stuck at home, so, are all your teachers, their music colleges or conservatory are closed, their concerts cancelled.

Everyone can make the best out of the worst.

LMFL is offering lessons during the confinement period.

These lessons are separate from those offered during both our summer courses.

All teachers are equipped to teach by Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom https://zoom.us/

Here is a sample of the Zoom app. 

Make the best use of your Life in Suspension


You need a solid Internet connection ( and a good screen )

We propose

Music (instrumental and vocal)

and Language tuition: English, French or Italian one to one

Instrument Teacher Hourly Rate £
Opera bel canto Maestro Leonardo De Lisi 50
Classical vocal tuition Simonida Miletic 40
Jazz vocal Robert Short 50
Jazz vocal Emilia Mårtensson 35
Flute Maestría Daniela Pisano 50
Flute Boris Bizjack 50
Clarinet Heather Gordon-Redfern 45
Bass clarinet Prof.  Paolo De Gaspari 40
Saxophone Prof. Gerard McChrystal 40
Trumpet Oliver Chubb 30
Harp Maestría Lisetta Rossi 45
Cello Nitzan Laster 75
Cello Prof. DanieL Grosgurin 80
Cello Stephan J Rieckhoff 50
Cello František Brikcius 40
Violin Prof. Lana Trotovcek 70
Violin Prof. Madeleine Mitchell 80
Violin Jean-Luc Borsarello 50
Violin Alexander Markov
(advanced level only please send a video clip)
Violin/viola Prof. Richard Crabtree 80
Composition/Double bass Richard Dubugnon 65
Percussions & Timpani Chen Zimbalista 70
Piano Prof. Rustem Koudoyarov 60
Piano Prof. Katia Nemirovitch-Dantchenko 70
Piano Prof. Vera Mullerova 80
Piano jazz Timothy Funnell 35
Drums Paolo Adamo 35
Classical Guitar Jean-Yves Costantini 45
Improvisation for all instruments
– Guitar lessons
– Bass lessons
– Jazz Music Theory
Steve Banks 40
Composition William Godfree 80
English Dr Alan Moller 50
French Dr Alan Moller 50
English Dawn Bellino 50
French Dawn Bellino 50
Italian Simonida Miletic 50


You can book a first appointment through LMFL and then you deal directly with your chosen teacher.

Basic fee for registering: £60 – free for our LMFL alumni – thats anyone who has previously attended an LMFL course.

The first meeting with any teacher is free

If you feel comfortable with your chosen teacher you can book a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions

Each teacher fixes his or her own fee per hour

Lessons must be settled in advance with the chosen teacher