LMFL & The Pandemic

Learning from the Covid19 pandemic we do not know yet how 2021 will treat us but if there is one thing that is obvious: we all need to be flexible.

In July 2000 against all odds we managed to hold at least one of our two summer courses.

A leap of faith from students (young and adults), their parents and our teachers.

Some students were only able to get their plane tickets 24 hours before the arrival date!

It was a reduced edition as we had to contend with social distancing, and the prep-school that hosted us, the marvellous Tockington Manor School, was much smaller than our usual place.

We followed basic recommendations such as digital checking of everyone’s temperature every single morning, hand sanitizing as often as needed, keyboards idem, masks worn when leaving the school, uncrowded bedrooms, and all wind instruments taught outdoors.

We however managed choir, string ensemble and chamber orchestra.

The whole experience had a strange and almost unreal feeling living in a safe bubble.

Amazing kindness from everyone to everyone.

It felt like being on one of the Titanic life boats but the general feeling was extreme emotion and happiness.

This is where our name Language and Music for Life took its true meaning