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Franco-Canadian, but having spent her earliest years under the sun in Tunisia, Anne-Claire Guilloteau, singer and songwriter, remembers a light, a sweetness and a relationship with time that permeate her being and her compositions.

Many joyful dances and songs have been engraved in her memory since early childhood.

A trip, at age six, to Canada and Quebec, where her parents wanted to settle, tore her away from this North African paradise. A sense of exile began, a violence that also marked her character and made Anne-Claire take refuge in song

In Quebec, she discovered Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, Pauline Julien, Robert Charlebois, Paul Piché, Richard Desjardins, the Beau Dommage group, Diane Dufresnes, and so on. and went to concerts. She did not know that she would become a singer herself, but she soon knew many of their songs by heart and sang them while listening to their records.

During this second exile in a France that she did not know well but whose language she spoke- with a Quebec accent – she listened endlessly to her mother’s records of Barbara, Anne Sylvestre, Georges Brassens, and jazz singers Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald.

At the age of 18, she decided to study theatre, and her training as an actress took her through interpretation, dance and, of course, singing. She trained with François Clavier in French song.

During those years she continued singing with passion, in parallel to her work as an actress. She worked on the whole French repertoire – from the Parigote gouaille (Lucienne Delile, Fréhel, Piaf) to Gainsbourg via Nougaro.

Later, she started writing her own repertoire.

This is how she came to create her own group, Anne-Claire & Co, in 2004. She accompanies herself on the guitar and is also accompanied by high quality musicians on bass, double bass, jazz guitar, drums, etc. One guitarist however is always at her side: Jean-Yves Costantini.

The dominant colors of her songs are minor chords and major humour. Her technique is first to write the lyrics and then put them to music. What she loves above all else is playing on the resonance of words and sounds. She trains regularly in song writing workshops with Francis Couturier, a follower of Allain Leprest.

Anne Claire & Co perform in Paris at Adel, at Pianotise, at Cosette, at Franc-Pinot, at Baiser Salé, at Chat Noir, at Connétable, at Attirail, at Pascaline’s, on the sliding ladder, Kibele, Locandiera, the Magic, the Bicycle Café, etc. And in the provinces at the World Music Festival in Albières, Corbières (2006 and 2007), and the Poetry Festival in Lodève.

With about fifty songs to her credit, Anne-Claire & Co has produced 2 original albums, Bobodioulasso and Recyclage.

Alongside her career as a writer/composer, Anne-Claire has been involved since 2000 in teaching – in the French National Education system, first as a schoolteacher, putting on musical shows with her students, and more recently (since 2014) in several official Conservatories (Narbonne, Carcassone, Saint Raphael), and since 2016 as a drama Teacher (State Diploma for Theater Education and Certificate of Aptitude for the Teaching of Dramatic Art – Ministry of Culture, 2012).



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