Daniel Grosgurin - Cello

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Firenze 2018

The Geneva, Switzerland, born cellist first trained at the Conservatoire there, then left his hometown at the age of 19 to study at Indiana University (USA) with Janos Starker. Returning a few years later with a Master of Music, he was fortunate to have a number of lessons and private encounters with Pierre Fournier.

When he began teaching, having been appointed as a Professor to the “Musikhochschule” in Mannheim , Germany, he sought to transmit the values these two masters represent: a mastery of the instrument involving the entire body and a tasteful expression of the personal inner musical voice.

The twelve years in Germany gave Daniel Grosgurin the opportunity to perform the solo repertoire with several orchestras throughout Europe, as well as to perform chamber music with school colleagues and other renowned musicians.

Upon his return to Geneva, where he taught at the “Haute École de Musique” for 25 years while continuing to perform, he started reflecting upon the fact that basic cello technique shouldn’t be so difficult or time-consuming to master: together with his wife Ferhan, also a cellist, he sought to organise technique in a few principles and topics to give cellists the tools needed for the wide repertoire of this instrument. At the same time they founded a string ensemble, “Les Solistes de Genève”, which toured many European countries with works from the Baroque to contemporary first performances.

His interest in fields related to music led to his founding the “OVATIONS” project to explore the way actors, dancers and sports(wo)men train and perform, as well as the structures of language and music (www.ovations.ch). This is done in the form of public workshops which can be booked for English, French or German speaking audiences. Daniel Grosgurin says this exchange has opened new perspectives for his performing and teaching, the latter of which he now pursues at the “Schola cantorum de Paris”.


Daniel Grosgurin Dvorak Cello Concerto Cond.Erol Erdinç part4.wmv

Jubilé Daniel Grosgurin Beethoven Sonate op 69, Allegro ma non troppo

Recital Grosgurin Forum 2012 Schubert 1st+ 2nd movement

Jubilé Daniel Grosgurin 3 Castelnuovo-Tedesco : « Figaro » (2014)

Jubilé Daniel Grosgurin Schumann : Adagio & Allegro op. 70 (2014)

Recital Grosgurin Forum 2012 Schubert 1st+ 2nd movement