Dear Arlette,

After his course with LMFL, Vishwa has been featured in one of the most reputed city magazine.




Dear Arlette

Now I want to say thank you to you and all the LMFL organization for the experience of the last summer. Emanuele had a deep and great experience in the course from many point of views: music, students, teachers, organization and the green and rainy UK as well . This is why he’s joining your team again this year, and this is why he’s going to participate to more courses.


Emanuele's Mother

Dear Arlette,

Lenka came home absolutely amazed from the stay in Venice and the course you organized.

She met fantastic people there and certainly was very satisfied with Mr.Bellugi`s professional tutoring.
So, we parents would like to thank you for organizing courses like that.

Best regards,

Andrea Molcanyiova

Hello Arlette,

.. the Venice course was beyond belief, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life! I cannot wait to go back to the course!

There is no way that I can express the full extent of my gratitude towards you and Alan for helping me out and giving me this opportunity, both me and my parents would like to express our most sincere gratitude and love towards my adoptive grandparents in Europe…

Alonso J. Burgos

Dear Arlette,

First of all let me spend two words on Cecilia’s stay during these two weeks and a half. We are very happy that she has been so well with all you, her tutors and her actual roommates. She told us she would have stayed some more time and that she is very sad in leaving!

This is for us and I suppose for you too the best result of this music and language course.

We look forward to seeing her photos and video to live again with her this experience..)

Thank you so much again for your kindness and availability.

Our kind regards

Antonello and Marina Costa

Let me take this opportunity to say that Marta only has good words about the course and about her experience during those days.

It was her first international experience and I am sure that she will never forget it.

We were also amazed of her significant progress in just two weeks!.

Our congratulations for facilitating music students such a great team and warm climate. I hope we can repeat next year.



Dear Arlette,

I would like to thank you all the LMFL staff did in Llandovery for Ariadna. She was very happy and the experience was very positive

With best wishes,

Alberto Posadas

Dear Arlette.

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent with all the staff of the master class in Venice.

Extremely useful professionally and amazingly pleasant in various other aspects. Roman has not only wonderfully worked, but he is also full of impressions, as to new friends, contacts, incredibly nice views offered by Venice..

A very special thanks for Alexander Trostiansky. This is a real gem nowadays.

All the very best for every member of the LMFL staff and for you personally.

Hope to see you again next summer.

Olga Rechetkine

Dear Arlette

My wife, Justin and Christie arrived back home safe yesterday, and couldn’t say enough thank you for such a memorable experience for them and giving our kids an opportunity to advance their music skill, all of them had a wonderful time in Andorra, made a lot of new friends, enjoyed every moment of their stay, the only complaint from them is that 2 weeks is really too short.

Thank you once again for making this happen and hope to see you soon!


Hong Kong

To all LMFL people, I just want to say that you Are awesome, I love you all. The last 3 4 weeks has been completely unreal, ‘completely gooourgeous’. I feel so blessed right now for all the memories and histories. Specially for the surprise in Cadeillan at midnight, thank you so much.

L.M.F.L. is a musical experience any musician should go through, whether amateur or professional.

The experience of living amongst talented musicians nurtures the musical knowledge from all fronts, learning from many different approaches and genres of the musical world, it also encourages the healthy competition, pushing yourself to reach higher and higher.

L.M.F.L. strives for excellence in all fields, from the students to the teachers whose quality of the teachers is uncanny, not only are they all extraordinary performers, but they are pedagogically excellent, therefore experience in both musicality, technique and teaching come as one in each lesson.

As a student you are challenged in all fronts, from the personal front to the collective one, where not only must you play your instrument or compose with the best of your skills, but also manage to work as a team to accomplish excellence.

L.M.F.L es una experiencia por la cual todo músico, profesional o amateur, debería pasar. El vivir al rededor de otros músicos talentosos nutre el conocimiento musical desde todos los frentes, aprendiendo desde diferentes puntos de vista y géneros del mundo musical, también propicia la competencia sana, forzándote a alcanzar logros cada vez más grandes.

L.M.F.L apunta a la excelencia en todos los aspectos, desde los estudiantes hasta los maestros cilla calidad es sin precedentes, no sólo son ejecutantes extraordinarios pero también lo son pedagógicamente, por lo que la experiencia en musicalidad, técnica y enseñanza llegan como uno al estudiante en cada clase. Como estudiante eres desafiado desde todos lados, el personal y el colectivo donde no sólo debes tocar tu instrumento o componer con la mayor de tus habilidades sino también trabajar como equipo para alcanzar la excelencia.


Alonso J Burgos

Pianist, Composer, Cellist & Tenor, Mexico

Dear Arlette

As an already professional viola player I cannot express how much I benefited from the Course in Cadeillan

High level of teaching combined with an exquisite daily life “the French way”



Dear Arlette & Alan

Every year something new, always better quality, better atmosphere… and for the past two summer even so you warned us that Wales means rain every day, we were lucky enough to experiment incredibly sunny weather.

The teachers really care for their students, you care for the teachers, the students, the parents

I cannot wait for next year (Llandovery).